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What Is The Application.Dispatch DelphiVCL Method?

What Is The ApplicationDispatch DelphiVCL Method

Use the Dispatch method or DelphiVCL.Application.Dispatch from the DelphiVCL library to call message-handling methods for the object, based on the contents of the Message parameter.

Call Dispatch to automatically pass messages to the appropriate message handler.

Dispatch determines whether a message is in the list of message handlers declared for the object. If the object does not handle the message, Dispatch then examines the message-handler list of the ancestor class and continues checking ancestors until it either finds a specific handler or runs out of ancestors, in which case it calls DefaultHandler.

The only assumption Dispatch makes about the data in Message is that the first two bytes contain a message ID—that is, an integer that determines which message handler Dispatch calls. Although any kind of data can be passed to Dispatch, most TObject descendants expect a message record such as TMessage or a specific data structure type.

Let’s browse all the properties and methods, of the DelphiVCL.Application.Dispatch using dir() command:

See the responses in our Windows command prompt:

What Is The Application.Dispatch DelphiVCL Method? List of the properties.

You can also read short information about the DelphiVCL.Application.Dispatch using the print() command:

See the responses in our Windows command prompt:

What Is The Application.Dispatch DelphiVCL Method?. Output of the responses


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