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This Is How To Automatically Test Your Web Apps

learn python with hands on web app test automation by andrew knight pycon 2020 video

Are you new to Python or are there many areas that you have not explored yet? Well, interestingly, most of the PyCon 2020 hands-on tutorial can now be accessed online. Andrew Knight was one of the active speakers from the recently concluded event. He shared multiple talks and tutorials on various Python-related topics. He recently shared how he managed to create an application that can translate his page from one language to another by simply tapping buttons. In this video, he will provide a comprehensive tutorial on how to write reliable automated tests for web apps in live browsers.

How can I automatically test my web apps?

This 1 hour and 45-minute long hands-on tutorial allows you to write a code from very scratch so make sure you have all the tools needed so you can catch up with this tutorial which is divided into 9 sections. Here, you will be joining Andrew as you both build a test project from scratch using the pytest framework in Python, Selenium framework to test DuckDuckGo searches. It also highlights equally important topics from switching browsers to avoiding race conditions and more. Feel free to watch the tutorial video below and learn.

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