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This Is How To Create An Automatic GitHub Greeting Bot

This Is How To Create An Automatic GitHub Greeting Bot

What is really fascinating about PyCon is that it is not just about inspiring talks on how Python is changing the future by bringing some impressive innovation in various fields of studies. It is also a perfect venue for aspiring Pythonistas to learn something new through hands-on tutorials. Due to the global pandemic, all the talks and tutorials from the PyCon 2020 were presented digitally.

In this video, Mariatta will guide us on how to build a GitHub bot that will automatically greet contributors to your project. This Github bot can say thanks to the maintainer who installed your bot as well as to new contributors who made a pull request to your repository. This two-hour-long tutorial will guide us through the step-by-step process of building a bot from scratch. It will also give us more details about GitHub APIs, GitHub Apps, and authentication through various hands-on activities. This tutorial will come in handy in the future when you’re creating bots with Python Coding Software. If you want to learn how to build Bots, check out the video tutorial below.

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