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Why You Should Deploy Django On A Serverless Infrastructure

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If you are familiar with Django Girls, it is a non-profit organization and a huge community that empowers and helps women to organize one-day programming workshops for free. The workshop helps aspiring female programmers to build their first-ever web applications using HTML, CSS, Python, and Django. Of course, building your web application is just the first step. You should also learn how to deploy your project and host it on a cloud server to make it functional and visible. Apparently, this is not an easy task and undeniably a complex procedure even with the best IDE software to help.

This video presented by Katie McLaughlin from PyCon2020 will help us walk through the process of deploying Django on serverless infrastructure. In this hands-on tutorial, Katie will comprehensively demonstrate how to deploy a sample Django project to a hosted service using serverless infrastructure. The 40-minute long tutorial will tackle everything we need to know on how to effectively deploy your project to a cloud platform (the tutorial will use Google Cloud but the concept is applicable to all cloud platforms like Terraform, Azure, and more).

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