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You Need To Write Less, Test More With Regression Testing

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Here’s another great talk from the recently concluded PyCon. In this video, Igor T. Ghisi will discuss data regression testing and how exactly this procedure can help you in your Python project. As the data structures of a project increase in size and complexity, it becomes harder and harder to preserve test completeness. Testing objects with dozens of attributes and arrays with hundreds of values could turn into a laborious task. Most programmers will only test their project partially and skip the lengthy process.

In this talk, we will learn how to increase test completeness for data structures by applying the so-called data regression testing. It will introduce us to pytest-regressions that provide some fixtures that make it easier to maintain tests that generate lots of data or specific data files like images. This particular plugin helps to test datasets and objects by automatically serializing expected data on disk and later checking test results against it. The talk will demonstrate examples of data regression being applied to numerical algorithms, web APIs, Flask views, and SQLAlchemy models. To learn more about data regression testing, feel free to watch the video below.

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