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7 Secrets To Building A Stunning Python Graphical UI

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A Python graphical UI can be created relatively easily using some existing packages supporting Python GUI functions. We have a quick overview of the most popular packages that do the job.

What makes a good Python graphical UI?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to build a stunning GUI will vary depending on your specific needs and preferences. However, some tips that may help you create an attractive and effective GUI include using high-quality images and fonts, making use of color effectively, and ensuring that all elements are easy to navigate.

First and foremost, a good UI is logical and intuitive and requires no effort from the user to figure out how to interact with the software and get results. Users are intelligent, but their brains have to focus on achieving their goals, not on figuring out how to find where to click.

The main points to keep in mind when designing the layout are

  • Logical positions of the design elements
  • Simplicity
  • Color scheme
  • Appropriate fonts
  • Consistent design effects
  • Optimal and flowing use
  • Action confirmation

Are the logical positions of the design elements in a Python graphical UI important?

Users expect to see certain components in specific locations. The logical place for a menu bar is on top, not bottom right, for example. Likewise, the close button is expected to be on the top right corner. Putting it to the bottom left would leave users confused.

Components must be there where the user needs them. Let’s consider a long text box that requires scrolling and clicking a button (e.g., agreeing with terms and conditions). The button should be available right where the user will end scrolling. It would be annoying to scroll back up to the beginning just to find the Accept button.

Why should we aim for simplicity when designing a Python graphical UI (user interface)?

We are all in a hurry. We have no time to search for a feature. It has to be obvious how to do what we are aiming to do. Clutter makes the user wonder where to click and which of the countless menus to scroll through. A good program is supposed to make the user’s life easier, not clumsier. Animations should be limited or completely avoided. People are probably not using the piece of software for fun but to obtain specific results.

7 Secrets To Building A Stunning Python Graphical UI A studio desk with three monitors showing a good UI

Why is a consistent color scheme important in UI design?

Black text on a light gray background is easy on the eyes. If somebody is supposed to use your program for hours, you want to ensure that they are not straining their eyes. If somebody gets a headache from using your software, they will probably start avoiding it and look for alternatives.

Red text on a blue background is a disaster. Nobody would even try reading it. Likewise, some colors simply do not go together in any circumstances. There are many online tools to create various color palettes.

What role do appropriate fonts play in Python graphical UI design?

Some labels are more important than others. They should be drawn in bigger font than the rest of the text or at least in bold font to attract the user’s attention.

How important is it to have consistent design effects?

You need to choose the visual style in advance. Try to plan everything before writing the code. Decide whether you want to use clean, simplistic UI components with uniform colors or if you want to have drop shadows, transparency and glass-like looks. Using clear icons will massively improve the user experience.

What do we mean by optimal and flowing use?

The user needs to get things done quickly. Think about it – how willing are you to make 20 mouse clicks just to save a file? How about enabling keyboard shortcuts to do it without even thinking?

What is action confirmation in UX and Python graphical UI design?

There is nothing more annoying than a stuck program. Your program needs to respond to the user’s actions so that they know that the program is doing something. For example, a button should change in some way when pressed.

7 Secrets To Building A Stunning Python Graphical UI A login screen

What to avoid when building a user interface?

  • Confusing structure
  • Clutter
  • Screaming or mismatching colors
  • Too many animations
  • Unintuitive and unnatural arrangement
  • Inconsistent style
  • Overcomplicated menu structure
  • Lack of feedback on user actions

Bonus advice

If you have limited experience, take a look at the software that you use yourself. Study the positions of the components, and ask yourself if the design annoys you. Is there something that you would modify if you were the programmer?

What tools are available for building GUIs?

The popular Python GUI packages offer similar functionality. The core idea is to create the main window, a menu and items on the window that the user may or may not interact with. It is recommended to use an IDE to develop the code. We highly recommend PyScripter – a lightweight, stable and feature-rich IDE.

Download PyScripter

The available Python graphical UI packages include:

  • DelphiVCL
  • Tkinter
  • PyQt
  • WxPython
  • GTK+ 3
  • Kivy

They can be installed easily via the pip package or in PyScripter, for example.

What UI components are available?

Inside the main window, there can be buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, combo boxes (dropdown lists), toggles, text fields, and more. There are ready-made widgets that save the developer’s time when planning their GUI. On-click events can be assigned to widgets to allow interactivity. They also have an identifier so that the interaction with a function can affect a specific component.

7 Secrets To Building A Stunning Python Graphical UI A DAW style Python GUI

How to get started creating a Python graphical UI?

There is a large number of resources to get started with Python GUI programming.

You should definitely check out our tutorial on how to build a GUI currency converter using Python.

In a video tutorial, you can see how to create the 2048 game using Python.

A comprehensive video guide about using Tkinter is available here

Why not try it out for yourself?

Click here to download PyScripter now and start building a Python graphical UI.

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