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Learn To Create A Python GUI With This Guessing Game

learn python with python guessing game video

Tkinter is the standard interface for Python. It offers a beginner-friendly system that allows users to create simple GUI applications fast and easily. Since this GUI framework always comes with Python, there is no need to install the program separately. You just need to import it into your Python project using simple commands. What makes Tkinter even more interesting is the widget system that allows you to easily add elements and functionalities to your application and make it more interactive and more visually appealing.

How does this great game help teach us how to create a Python GUI?

In this video, we will learn how to create a simple yet fun Guessing game using the Tkinter in Python. The mechanics of the app is to let the user guess the number between 1 to 10 where users have to input the number on the entry box and they will be notified if the answer is either lower or higher than the submitted amount until you input the correct answer. This might sound a little complex but with Tkinter, this app is surprisingly easy and fun to work with. In this video, we will witness the first of the 2-part tutorial that will demonstrate to us how to build this fun Python Guessing game using the Tkinter. If you want to learn more, feel free to watch the video below.

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