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How To Build A Bitcoin Price Grabber Using Python


If you have been following John Elder of Codemy and his Python Tkinter GUI Tutorial series, then you should have learned a great number of tips and tricks about Tkinter. He shared almost everything from the most basic element to the most advanced projects you can build using this default GUI toolkit for Python. He came up with many different projects that allow us to explore Tkinter’s full potential including a comprehensive CRM Database app, an interactive Text Editor, and more.

In this video, we will learn how to build a simple yet fully functional Bitcoin Price Grabber app. This can be done by scraping data from different websites. Normally, it requires you to use the API provided by the website but in this video, John will show us another possible trick. This time, we will use BeautifulSoup, a Python package for parsing HTML and XML documents. This project will also requires us to install and import urllib and DateTime modules. Here, John will demonstrate to us how to scrape data using Beautiful Soup and create a little app that checks for price updates every 30 seconds. The app will also tell you whether the price of Bitcoin has gone up or down since the last time it checked, and the text will change color to red if the price dropped, and green if the price increased. To learn more, feel free to watch this Python GUI video tutorial below.

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