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How To Make Your Apps Convert Text To Speech

learn python with text to speech with tkinter video

If you’re just starting to explore windows app development with Tkinter in Python, you might as well consider watching this amazing tutorial series by John Elder of Codemy. His tutorial series was divided into multiple parts that allow you to learn everything about Tkinter and Python from the very basic to the most advanced tools that you can create. In this video, we will be introduced to another interesting project. This time, John will teach us how to do text to speech with Python and Tkinter.

How can I make my apps convert text to speech?

Interestingly, Text-to-Speech is actually incredibly easy with Python. Here, we just need to PIP install pyttsx3 engine to do all the heavy lifting for us. After we pip install it, and import it into our Tkinter program, all we need is three lines of easy code in order to start using it! You can even experiment with it and add certain parameters to play with your Text-To-Speech Program. To learn more, feel free to watch the Python GUI video tutorial below. Good luck!

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