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How To Make Your Projects Build Securely

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I guess we can all agree that security and privacy are both important factors that we must highly consider before dealing with any type of application. Some IDE software helps immensely, of course, but unfortunately, many companies are taking advantage of this where users’ personal information is being compromised. In this video presented by Rebeca Sarai, we will learn more about privacy and how to make a secure project! Here, Rebeca will share some effective privacy-preserving methods that you can apply when building a project.

In this talk, Rebeca will help us understand two important topics. She will walk us through the process on how to manage data while securing user’s personal information. Rebeca will also demonstrate how to do it in machine learning models. This video will also highlight different techniques of anonymization and pseudonymization that will make us realize that solving the anonymity problem is much more complex than replacing names, last names, and social security numbers. To learn more about these privacy-preserving methods, feel free to watch the video below.

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