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Why You Should Use Azure For Easy Data Processing

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So, using your ide software you were able to build a web application and you want your project to be completely functional, running, and visible to everyone. Your web application must live somewhere other than your own desktop or laptop and to do so, you must deploy your project to a physical infrastructure that could run all the layers of software. Having or building a dedicated server, however, is such a complex procedure and may not be ideal for beginners.

One of the best solutions is to deploy your application through cloud servers. There are many Cloud platforms today that are widely used by programmers who want stress-free and less-complicated application deployment. Some of these include Google Cloud, Terraform, and Microsoft Azure. Interestingly, in this video presented by Tania Allard from the recently concluded PyCon2020, we will learn more about Microsoft Azure and the advantage of deploying applications with serverless infrastructure. Tania will guide us through the process of how you can get started with Azure functions and Python for data processing scenarios. Feel free to watch the video below and learn more about the advantage of serverless infrastructure for your project.

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