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How To Optimize Python Apps with Postgress Superpowers

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ORM is probably one of the most powerful features of Django that enables you to interact with your database. To top it all, ORMs are very handy tools that can help us build powerful applications in just a short period of time. However, building Django apps that perform well and smoothly can be a little tricky and challenging. You might encounter some performance issues and identifying them is not an easy task either. Interestingly, in this video from PyCon, presented by Louise Grandjonc. We will learn how to use Postgres Superpowers to optimize Python and Django apps, which can then be used in Python Development Tools in the future.

How To Optimize Python And Django Apps with Postgress Superpowers by Louise Grandjonc

In this video, Louise will help you understand some of the most common problems we encounter with Django apps ~ slow queries. She will walk us through the process of identifying and analyzing performance bottlenecks. The tutorial will also explore various modules, tools, and methods like pg_stat_statements, Django-debug-toolbar, Postgres logs, keyset pagination, as well as Query Performance Insight and Performance Recommendations on Azure. We will also learn how to eradicate loops in your code, how to limit what you select and how to scale out Postgres horizontally using Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Feel free to watch the video below to learn more about these Postgres optimization techniques that will empower you to improve the performance of your Python and Django apps.

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