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How To Write A Python Desktop App To Clean Up An Excel File

learn python with how to clean excel file video

Dealing with large data and locating errors in them can be a time-consuming and undeniably a tedious process. In this video tutorial, we will learn how to clean Excel data using Tkinter in a Python desktop app in less than 100 seconds. The Excel data contains 100,000 records with errors that are intentionally inputted. The video will highlight how to create a Tkinter Python GUI interface and the methods and functions you can apply and use to locate these errors.

Aside from this, we will learn all the proper functions that you can apply to clean the data in the quickest way possible and how to successfully export this clean data to an Excel file. This 22-minute long tutorial will cover them all for you. Here’s the list of things you can learn from this tutorial:

1. Creation of the Tkinter interface.
2. Methods/ functions to find errors.
3. Methods/functions to clean the data.
4. Exporting the clean data to an excel file.

To learn more, feel free to watch this new Python GUI video tutorial and see how much it can help you with your data analysis project in Python.

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