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Learn Python With Build A Python GUI App Tutorial Video


Did you know that you can create a GUI app that can drastically improve your workflow? Well, this video will show us how! Dev Ed recently shared a video tutorial that will teach us how to create a GUI app using Python and its default GUI module ~ the Tkinter. In this new Learn Python video, he will walk us through how to build a GUI app that will automatically open other apps that we normally use. Generally, it is an app that opens multiple apps in just a few clicks of your mouse.

This 25-minute long tutorial will showcase a step-by-step procedure of building a graphical user interface app from scratch. It will also highlight the use of some of the common and basic elements in GUI app creation including the use of various widgets like Labels, Menus, and more. It will also highlight the use of the Pack () method as well as handling events like mainloop (). If you want to learn more about python or you are a python beginner this is a great tutorial for you to build out some practical apps. Check how this GUI App can improve your workflow!

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