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The Story Of How To Develop Trustworthy And Ethical AI With Python

Everyone may agree that it is necessary to keep humans safe and in charge, but enforcing ethics is daunting work. This video discusses how you should learn to use your preferred technology ethics code, not just in Python but in any programming language. It introduces the ethic subjects and move through a structure for user experience.

Working on a big project is not always done single-handedly. Most of the time, it requires a team that might include data scientists, machine learning experts, programmers, system architects, product managers, and more working together. Interestingly, just like any workplace, everybody should be working as a team which could not just result in better productivity but also establishes a nice working environment. The video below features an interesting talk from Carol J. Smith from a recent PyCon, a digital conference held in Pittsburgh.

The video will greatly emphasize implementing ethics at work by developing a trustworthy AI. Carol will explain how to successfully adopt technology ethics to harmonize cultural variations among the team, to balance the pace of change, and more. The video will also guide you through the so-called User Experience (UX) framework and how this can help the AI development teams to successfully implement it. It is always great to consider having a nice working environment and if you want to learn more about implementing ethics at work, feel free to watch the video below.

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