This Is How To Check Python Code

how to check python code

As a developer, you need to constantly check Python code. You don’t want to see any bug affecting the performance of your application. How can you efficiently debug your Python program? You can try using a Python code checker. It enables you to identify and fix all the issues before shipping the code. There is plenty of tools for checking Python code. But which is the best one? Can it really help you to easily debug your program? In this post, you will find all the details.

Why do you need to efficiently check Python code?

Python programming is fun. It gives you the power to build amazing solutions. However, it’s inevitable to get stuck with bugs. That’s when things can become very frustrating. You might have to spend up to 50% of your time solving them. It can cost you a lot of time and money.

That’s why you need to find a solution to efficiently check Python code. It will enable you to save a huge amount of time. You can consider getting a great Python code checker. It can give you quick insights into specific parts of your codebase. As a result, you can conveniently identify and fix the bugs. It can make your life a lot easier. Also, it can detect syntax errors in your code. Therefore, you will never be frustrated with making typos.

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What is the best tool for checking Python code?

In my opinion, the best tool for checking Python code is PyScripter. It is a feature-rich IDE with amazing debugging capabilities. PyScripter comes with a built-in debugger. You can use it as a Python code checker to quickly identify and fix the bugs in your Python code. Also, it features a remote debugger. As a result, you can use PyScripter to debug the Python program in remote machine or server environment.

Why PyScripter is the best tool for checking Python code?

  • Supports remote Python engine and debugger
  • Offers syntax highlighter
  • Provides integrated unit testing and regular expression testing support

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How can PyScripter help you to conveniently check Python code?

Does it have an interactive interpreter?

PyScripter comes with an interactive Python Interpreter. It enables you to quickly execute commands. Also, it lets you test code without creating a file. In this way, the interpreter helps you to conveniently check the code. Once you are done with testing, you can paste the code into your Python program file.

This Is How To Check Python Code a screenshot showing some Python code running in the IDE

Also, the interactive interpreter provides quick access to all of Python’s built-in functions and installed modules. Besides, it offers several useful features, like command history and auto-completion.

Does it have a built-in debugger?

PyScripter comes with another Python code checker feature – a built-in debugger. It can help you to easily fix the bugs. The debugger window includes various tabs, including Call Stack and Variables. They enable you to inspect local and global variables, function names, and the corresponding source code position at each frame of the call stack.

This Is How To Check Python Code variables and call stack highlighted in the IDE

The tabs come in handy whenever any issue arises in your program. By using the debugger window, you can efficiently check Python code and solve the bugs.

Does it support remote debugging?

PyScripter offers three remote Python engines: Remote, Remote Tk, and Remote Wx. You can use them to debug code on remote machines. Remote is the default engine of PyScripter. You can use it to run and debug any kind of script.

If you need to fix the issues of Tkinter applications, you can use the Remote Tk engine. It utilizes the Tkagg backend to debug the code. Also, it lets you run pylab in interactive mode. For debugging wxPython apps, you can use the Remote Wx engine. Similar to the Remote Tk engine, it supports running pylab in interactive mode.

You can find the remote Python engines by navigating through Run > Python Engine.

This Is How To Check Python Code Python Engine options

Should I use PyScripter for checking Python code?

PyScripter is an amazing Python IDE. It comes with a built-in debugger and interpreter. By using them, you can easily check Python code. Also, PyScripter supports remote Python engines. As a result, you can debug programs on remote machines. For all these reasons, you should definitely consider using PyScripter for checking Python code.

PyScripter is an open-source Python IDE. It is fast, powerful, and very easy to use. Try it now for free.

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