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API Categories Index 2: Learn about All Routines and Classes Included in the RTL

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The Delphi Run-Time Library (or RTL) is composed of a number of base units that provide the underlying support for most of the VCL component libraries. The RTL includes global routines, utility classes such as those that represent streams and lists, and classes such as TObject, TPersistent, and TComponent.

This section lists all routines and classes included in the RTL, split by categories. You can use these lists to navigate according to your needs.

API Category Unit(s)
Action Support Routines Vcl.ActnList, Vcl.ActnMenus, System.Actions
Application-level Information Vcl.Forms, Vcl.Menus, System, System.SysUtils
BCD Support Routines Data.FmtBcd
Business And Finance Routines System.Math
Character Manipulation Routines System.Character, System, System.SysUtils
Clipboard Support Routines Vcl.Clipbrd
Color Constants Vcl.Graphics
Command Line Support Routines System, System.SysUtils
COM and OLE Support Routines Vcl.ComCtrls, System.Win.ComObj, System.Win.ObjComAuto, System.ObjAuto, Vcl.OleCtrls
Comparison Routines System.Classes, System.DateUtils, System.Math, System.SysUtils, System.Variants
Complex Numbers Support Routines System.VarCmplx
Copy Mode Constants Vcl.Graphics
DataSnap Client Controls Datasnap.DBClient, Datasnap.DSConnect, Datasnap.Win.MConnect, Datasnap.Win.ObjBrkr, Datasnap.Win.SConnect, Datasnap.Win.TConnect
DataSnap Server Controls Datasnap.DSAuth, Datasnap.DSClientMetadata, Datasnap.DSClientRest, Datasnap.DSHTTPCommon, Datasnap.DSHTTP, Datasnap.DSServer, Datasnap.DSTCPServerTransport
Date and Time Support System.DateUtils, System.SysUtils, System
Delphi Data Types for API Integration System
Dialogs Support Routines Vcl.Controls, Vcl.Dialogs
Disk And Directory Support Routines System.IOUtils, System, System.SysUtils
Dynamic Memory Allocation Routines System
File Attribute List System.SysUtils
File Input and Output Support System, System.SysUtils
File Mode Constants System.SysUtils
Floating-Point Number Control Routines System.Math, System
GUID And Interface Support Routines System.SysUtils, System.Variants
Delphi Intrinsic Routines System
LiveBinding System.Bindings.CustomScope, System.Bindings.CustomWrapper, System.Bindings.Factories, System.Bindings.Helper, System.Bindings.EvalProtocol, System.Bindings.Outputs, System.Bindings.Methods, System.Bindings.Expression, System.Bindings.ExpressionDefaults, System.Bindings.Manager, System.Bindings.ManagerDefaults
Mathematical Routines System.Math, System
Menus Support Routines Vcl.Menus
Modal Result Constants Vcl.Controls
Operator Constants System
Path Manipulation Routines Vcl.FileCtrl, System.IOUtils, System.SysUtils
Random Support Routines System.AnsiStrings, System.Math, System, System.SysUtils
String Handling Routines System.AnsiStrings, System.AnsiStringT, System.UnicodeString, System.StrUtils, System.SysUtils.TStringBuilder, System.SysUtils.TStringHelper, System.WideString
Streams, Reader and Writers Vcl.AxCtrls, System.Classes, Datasnap.DBClient, Data.Win.ADODB, IBX.IBBlob, IBX.IBCustomDataSet, System.Win.ScktComp, Data.SqlExpr, System.Types, System.ZLib
Structured Data Types System.Classes, System.Generics.Collections, System.Types
Thread Management Routines System.Classes, Vcl.Forms, System
Type conversion routines System.Classes, System.ConvUtils, Data.FmtBcd, Data.SqlTimSt, System, System.SysUtils, System.Types
UCS4 Conversion Routines System
UTF-8 Conversion Routines System.Classes, Vcl.Forms, System
Variant Support Routines System, Data.FmtBcd, System.VarCmplx, System.VarConv, System.Internal.VarHlpr, System.Variants
Variant Types Constants System
Web Services Soap.OPToSOAPDomConv, Soap.SOAPHTTPClient, Soap.SOAPHTTPTrans, Soap.SOAPHTTPPasInv, Soap.SOAPConn, Soap.WebBrokerSOAP, Soap.WSDLPub
XML Support Routines Xml.Win.msxmldom, Xml.XMLDoc, Xml.xmldom, Soap.XSBuiltIns


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