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Discover Delphi VCL’s Available Shapes

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Shape in DelphiVCL.Shape is used to specify the shape of the control.

Set Shape to the geometric shape that should be drawn on the form.

The Shape property has these possible values:

Value Meaning
stCircle The shape is a circle.
stEllipse The shape is an ellipse.
stRectangle The shape is a rectangle. (Default)
stRoundRect The shape is a rectangle with rounded corners.
stRoundSquare The shape is a square with rounded corners.
stSquare The shape is a square.

Here are the working examples of them:

  • Circle:
1circle 3832202
  • Ellipse:
2ellipse 5944483
  • Rectangle:
3rectangle 7966483
  • RoundRect:
4roundrectangle 7807513
  • RoundSquare:
5roundsquare 2104660
  • Square:
6square 8638262


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