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How To Understand DelphiVCL.Application.HelpShowTableOfContents

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In this post, you’ll learn how to use the HelpShowTableOfContents method or DelphiVCL.Application.HelpShowTableOfContents to show the table of contents within the Help system. Use HelpShowTableOfContents to bring up the table of contents for the Help system specified in the CurrentHelpFile property. This method is preferred to calling System.HelpIntfs.ICustomHelpViewer.ShowTableOfContents, which cannot be used as the first call into the help system.

In order for HelpShowTableOfContents to work and to call the proper native Help handling function, insert in the uses clause of your application, the Vcl.HtmlHelpViewer or another unit that provides an interface to the external Help viewer to use. The Vcl.HtmlHelpViewer unit provides a Delphi interface to the HTMLHelp Windows native Help handling function. For C++, you need to include the HTMLHelpViewer.hpp header files.

For information about the native Help handling functions (HTMLHelp or other) and about the data passed to them, see the appropriate HTMLHelp topics in the MSDN Library. Learning more about the InstanceSize method will help you build python applications with Delphi VCL Applications using Python Windows GUI Builder.

Let’s browse all the properties, methods, and built-in properties of the DelphiVCL.Application.HelpShowTableOfContents using dir() command:

See the responses in our Windows command prompt

0dir 3240130

You can also read short information about the DelphiVCL.Application.HelpShowTableOfContents using the print() command:

See the responses in our Windows command prompt:

0print 6321414


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