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Learn ColorBoxStyles from DelphiVCL.ColorBox


TColorBoxStyle specifies how a color box control displays its selections.

The following table lists the possible values of TColorBoxStyle:

Style Meaning when included
cbStandardColors The color box lists the first 16 color constants from the Graphics unit. These are the constants such as clRed or clBlack, that represent fixed RGB values.
cbExtendedColors The color box includes clMoneyGreen, clSkyBlue, clCream, and clMedGray.
cbSystemColors The color box includes the symbolic color constants that reflect the values specified in the Windows control panel.
cbIncludeNone The color box includes clNone. This option only has an effect if Style includes cbSystemColors.
cbIncludeDefault The color box includes clNone. This option only has an effect if Style includes cbSystemColors.
cbCustomColor The first entry in the color box represents a custom color. When you select the Custom entry, the color box displays the Color selection dialog, where you can specify a custom color.
cbPrettyNames The color box lists the names as words rather than as the color constant strings (for example ‘Black’ rather than ‘clBlack’).
cbExtendedColors The color box lists a customized list of colors. Use the OnGetColors event to populate this list of colors (the displayed name and corresponding color).


  • The cbCustomColor value allows you to select only a custom color from the ColorDialog that is opened.
  • In the OnGetColors event, you can add as many colors as you want to the color box list.


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