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How To Set The Work Area’s Sphere Of Influence Using Rect


Rect indicates the portion of the list view’s client area covered by the work area.

Set Rect to specify the sphere of influence of a work area. Rect is the bounding rectangle of a portion of the list view’s client area. If Rect specifies a region larger than the list view’s client area,  then the list view introduces scroll bars to support the logical size specified by Rect.

List items are assigned to the work area when they fall into the region of the list view bound by Rect. If a list item falls into a region that is contained by more than one work area, it is then assigned to the list item with the lowest Index property.

If the list view paints itself to display work areas, it paints the portion of its client area that is outlined by Rect using the color specified by the Color property.

Here is the working example of the implementation of Rect:

See the complete code here.

The result:



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