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What Is The HintShortPause Property in DelphiVCL.Application?


HintShortPause or DelphiVCL.Application.HintShortPause property is used to specify the time period to wait before bringing up a Hint if another Hint has already been shown.

Use HintShortPause to reduce the flicker when moving the mouse quickly over a set of buttons that all have Help Hints on. Specify a HintShortPause value in milliseconds. The default value is 50 milliseconds, which is set in the constructor.

Let’s browse all the properties and methods of the DelphiVCL.Application.HintShortPause using dir() command:

See the responses in our Windows command prompt:


You can also read short information about the DelphiVCL.Application.HintShortPause using the print() command:

See the responses in our Windows command prompt:



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